Express Fulfillment
Express Fulfillment

Our Competitive Advantage

We are located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Despite Australia’s concentration of population along the eastern seaboard, Adelaide is fast becoming the preferred location for fulfillment companies servicing the whole of Australia. Why?

Advantage #1
Adelaide enjoys the lowest business cost base of all the Australian capital cities. Adelaide is well known for its lower property and wage costs – two of the three most significant input costs of a fulfillment operation.

Advantage #2
In Australia, more freight moves from the larger manufacturing states in the east to the western states, than does from west to east. Subsequently, a large number of transport vehicles returning to the eastern states are either empty or only partially loaded.

Transport companies have to allow for the cost of returning their (mostly empty) vehicles in their westbound freight rates. Furthermore, they try to “backload” their vehicles by offering very attractive rates to companies with eastbound freight.

Therefore, not only can we service the western states more economically due to geographic proximity, but we can also service the eastern states very economically.

Cheaper national freighting costs - the remaining most significant input cost.

Advantage #3
Finally, our central geographic location means we are in closer proximity to all the Australian states enabling us to get your customers’ orders delivered faster.

These factors give us a competitive advantage for the provision of fulfillment services in Australia!