Caring for our environment

Earth is our home – there is no planet B!

We believe all businesses have an obligation to minimise and ultimately achieve zero emissions.

We’re 100% committed to this task.

To date we’ve upgraded all lighting throughout our facility to LED, upgraded all forklifts to battery electric, and have installed a huge solar energy system. When the sun isn’t shining, every last watt of energy we draw from the grid is Carbon Neutral*

We’re also constantly lobbying our freight partners and eagerly awaiting the mass adoption of electric delivery vehicles… not long to wait now!

And now…

We’re proudly leading the way forward in 3PL and e-commerce with our 100% biodegradable and compostable satchels.

compostable satchels

Made from PLA and PBAT, a non-toxic compostable resin derived from the polymerisation of corn starch and printed with soy-based ink, they meet the compostable standard in Australia, Europe, USA, China and Japan. 

Delight your customers with packaging they can dispose in their green waste or compost bin.

*certified by Climate Active

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