Case Study #1

Sophie produces and markets a limited range of exquisite perfumes. She sells to customers worldwide via her Woocommerce store and averages 550 orders monthly. Most orders are for three items totaling 250 grams and are shipped in small satchels. Sophie’s stock occupies 5 small shelves (2700L x 400W x 300H). 

Express Fulfillment has integrated Sophie’s Woocommerce store and mapped her customer-facing delivery options to the corresponding service. The following additional features have been setup:

  • A thank you card with a discount offer for the customer’s next purchase is added to each order.
  • A small gift product is added whenever the order value is $150 or higher.
  • Whenever a 50ml item is out of stock, a 75ml item is supplied to ensure Sophie does not lose the sale.

Other than a one-off $50 to integrate Sophie’s store, it costs $9.50 to receive her average inbound shipment of 5 cartons. Her weekly storage cost is $28.75 and her order processing cost is $2.90. 

On dispatch, an email (displaying Sophie’s business name, logo, contact information, sales message and link for delivery tracking) is sent to her customer. The integration returns the shipping information and updates the order status in her Woocommerce store. At the end of each day, a consolidated dispatch report is emailed to Sophie to advise all the individual tracking numbers. 

At all times, Sophie has complete visibility of her inventory and orders via our web gateway.

Delivery costs via standard shipping:

New Zealand$14.55
Western Europe$23.50

Delivery costs via express shipping:

New Zealand$18.30
Western Europe$29.90
  • Costs include fuel & security surcharges where applicable and exclude GST. 
  • International delivery charges include preparation of Commercial Invoices for Customs.
  • International delivery charges exclude any local Customs, government or other charges.
  • Prices are current as at July 2020.

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