Case Study #2

Tyler’s business imports and markets a range of car accessories to automotive stores across Australia.

He receives customer orders by telephone or email and uses our web gateway to upload his orders each morning.

His business averages 50 orders each month, with the average order being 5 cartons weighing 45kg. His stock arrives periodically from overseas in a 20’ shipping container and he maintains an average of 15 pallets of stock each month.

The following custom business rule has been implemented for Tyler:

  • Where the customer is ‘SuperCheap Auto’, the store is located in the Northern Territory and a First Aid kit has been ordered, supply a First Aid with Snake-Bite kit instead of the standard First Aid kit.  

It costs $285.00 to unload each shipping container and receive Tyler’s stock into inventory. His average weekly storage cost is $86.75 and his average order processing cost is $8.90.

Tyler’s average delivery costs are as follows:

Adelaide $10.50 (next day delivery)       

Melbourne $30.45 (next day delivery)          

Sydney $35.70 (2 days delivery)

Brisbane $57.75 (3 days delivery)

Perth $63.85 (3 days delivery)

  • Costs include fuel & security surcharges where applicable and exclude GST. 
  • Prices are current as at July 2020.

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