Specialist Ecommerce Fulfillment

All you need is a building, some shelving and a basic stock system – right?

Australia's Most Trusted Ecommerce Fulfillment Provider

Express Fulfillment is known to offer the best shipping and logistics solutions. We work with both small and medium-sized businesses and offer complete transparency in operations. You’ll receive the proper insight into the right distribution of inventory to meet the demands of your customers accurately.

Are You Struggling with Your Ecommerce Business' Logistics?

Let us show you how we can help grow your e-commerce business throughout Australia and beyond.

Are You Selling from Home?

Your time is valuable and getting rid of the guesswork is the first step. Entrust your order fulfillment to an industry expert who can tailor shipping solutions to achieve both your goals and bottom line.

Are You Operating Your Own Warehouse?

A warehouse is more than a building and a basic stock system. Challenges can arise daily, demanding more of your time instead of focusing on sourcing new products. Manage error-free inventory with a trusted e-commerce fulfillment centre.

Do You Already Have a Fulfillment Provider?

Maximise your revenue through a service that thinks ahead. Your business has unique needs and your service should be constantly reviewed to ensure you are getting the best for your customers.

Why Do We Recommend Working with a Logistics Company?

A logistics company can bring your business different advantages

Access to Better Shipping Rates

Simply put, our freight purchasing power is larger than yours. By pooling your freight orders with ours, we make the providers fight harder to get the best price across.

More Efficient Pick, Pack, and Dispatch

The pick and pack service is both an art form and a science. When combined right, the outcome should be barely noticeable as the delivery becomes seamless. Your customers can focus on their products, not their tracking slip, and you can focus on your business.

Free Up Internal Teams for Other Projects

A logistics company can help you streamline billing, track shipments in real time, and plenty more, giving your team the time to focus on product development/sourcing and marketing.

Our Integrations

Our software uses data encryption to securely automate the transfer of orders, synchronise available stock quantities and return the shipping information connecting the following platforms:

Ecommerce Gateways

ERP System


What You Get When Your Work With Us

Working with us allows you to focus on your growing business while we handle the logistics up to your customer’s doorstep.

Secure Storage

We ensure your inventory is never compromised. Our facility is equipped with wireless monitored alarm, Bi-Lock and digital locks, CCTV, fire sprinklers and pest control management.

Worldwide Delivery

We partner with the leading freight companies, combining their best elements to provide an exceptional delivery solution.

Rapid Order Fulfillment

Our system and process guarantees the rapid shipment of orders across the world.

Strategic Location

Our fulfillment distribution centre is strategically located for streamlined distribution. We are located near the Adelaide International Airport, ensuring international addresses can be reached quickly.

Kitting & Assembly

We provide kitting, sorting, relabeling, refurbishing, distribution campaigns, and pre-packing. Our team of experts ensures to have the complete the tasks on time and still provide competitive prices.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Unlock the potential of your e-commerce business.

Proactive service and real solutions. Grow your business today beyond the confines of Amazon or Shopify with our proven logistical experience and resources.