Professional Pick and Pack Services

All you need is a building, some shelving and a basic stock system – right?

Professional Pick and Pack Services

Pick and pack may seem simple but there’s more than meets the eye to efficiently execute a timely order. Knowledge, experience, and a strategy is needed to help run your business better.

Who uses pick and pack services?

Pick and pack is a central component in any product-focused sales operation. Whether you are a growing e-commerce store or a corporate giant, you will need to pick and pack orders to get them out your doors and into your customers’ hands as fast as possible.

With a high volume but small transactions
(only a few items per order)

Paying too much for deliveries

What does a picker and packer do in our warehouse?

When your customer places an order online, our picker has a system directed to locate each product and pick the required quantity from your inventory

The next step is given to our packer, who confirms the correct product and quantity has been picked before carefully packaging, following any specific instructions you have provided. 

Benefits from Partnering with Express Fulfillment

Partnering with us not only grows your business, but comes with a lot of advantages.

Super Fast Turnaround

We make every effort to ensure all orders received by 2:00pm are shipped the same business day.

Keep Control Of Your Inventory Levels

You’ll have complete control of your inventory. You can create, customise, and share alerts to notify you when your stocks are low or near expiry. Never second guess on back orders and easily track every order.

Highly Secure Warehouse To Keep Your Inventory Safe

We take pride in our top security warehouse where we have monitored alarm system, ESFR fire sprinklers, pest control management, and security cleared employees to ensure the integrity of your inventory is never compromised.

Allowance For Personalised Packages

Default, specific and gift products can be automatically added to every order. You can set customised business rules to suit specific requirements, with the peace of mind to know that your instructions will be followed to the letter of the law.

Budget-friendly Shipping Options

Many smaller players don’t have the volumes to negotiate with freight companies, meaning you will find yourself paying a premium. By joining the Express Fulfillment family, you will have that extra freight purchasing power on your side, to make the couriers fight harder to give you the best rates.

Unlock the potential of your e-commerce business.