Our Technology

All you need is a building, some shelving and a basic stock system-right?

Keeping in touch with your inventory and orders at Express Fulfillment is easy with our industry-leading web gateway!

View the number of orders received, in production, shipped, on hold or cancelled during the day, week, month and year

Quickly and easily enter orders or upload them in bulk from a spreadsheet

Save and manage the addresses of your frequent customers

View the import status of orders submitted by EDI and view descriptive error messages if any submission have been unsuccessful

Drill down to the product and delivery details of past orders

Create and share alerts to notify low stock, expiring stock etc.

Download a suite of meaningful real-time reports

Easily track shipped orders

Looking for custom business rules to suit your specific requirement? We have a solution for you!

We’ll supply and install our proprietary software to connect the following platforms. Our software uses https protocol (data encryption) to securely automate the transfer of orders, synchronise available stock quantities and return the shipping information

Need custom approach to suit your specific platform's integrations?

If we haven’t already built integration software for your platform, we have an api available for your developer or we can quote to build it for you